George and Levy in Australia!

George Snyman and Levy Mwenda visited Australia in April this year, speaking to groups, churches and individuals in Sydney, in Perth, in Kalgoorlie and in Melbourne. Both George and Levy strongly called many to embrace the call to be beautiful feet:  To proclaim God as - the Father to the fatherless and the Husband of the widow. 

Audiences around Australia were deeply affected by the impassioned defence of the vulnerable children of Africa.  George was asked, "Why do you do what you do?.  His reply  "There was a perfect community, 100% happy and self-sufficient, Father, Son & Spirit.  This community saw our pain, and lostness and said:  "We have got to do something about this.  We cannot just leave them as orphans.  So they sent one of their community - Jesus the beloved Son - because their love cannot walk past our pain."

Levy was deeply affected by the overwhelming display of materialism that greeted him  as he walked the shopping centres of Australia - as foreign to his Zambian homeless heritage as any Australian walking dusty African community roads:  "How do they buy all of these things, Papa George, without paying money?"

George tried to explain:  "They pay later, and keep paying - like a cow being milked each day in a pen."  Levy's response?  "I am glad that we don't have these ways to pay in Africa!"  Sometimes we need the view of outsiders to see ourselves clearly!

George himself was deeply affected by his meeting with a group of drought-affected farmers:  Seeing their godliness and faith in committing their way to the Lord, daring to give thanks for supplying their needs while looking over an empty dam.  Especially so, as they received plentiful rain that very day!  Their generosity towards Hands and many, many other causes was outstanding.