For many years, Hands at Work’s philosophy of how we teach the ‘who we are’ and ‘what we do’ has focused on having people join us in Africa to see for themselves what stirs the heart of God amongst the poor. This is a fundamental part of the calling of Hands at Work to serve the church outside Africa. We desire for people to have a personal understanding and conviction of what the Bible says about caring for the orphaned, oppressed and widowed so they return to their home, able to contextualize what they have learnt in their daily walk with Christ.

As Jesus called men to come alongside Him, learning from him, observing, asking questions, being corrected and refined in character and calling, so Hands want to do the same. The foundation of Hands at Work is strong, healthy, accountable relationships where we live, learn and serve through the opportunity and example of walking alongside each other. Vision trips give a unique opportunity for people to see this model of servanthood in action. The goal is always to reach out to those with no hope, and in the process of doing that to bring maturity and growth to the church.

George Snyman, the founder of Hands at Work, spent years in Africa, gaining a better understanding of the crisis that has hit the continent and what it meant to his faith. The work that George and many volunteers now put their hands to everyday has been built, in part, on this understanding. We now encourage others to do the same: to come to Africa, walk alongside us, and be changed forever.

What does a vision trip look like?
Vision trips are a unique opportunity to see one or more countries that Hands at Work are currently serving in. Together with George and key Hands at Work leaders from Africa and International countries, you will meet local church leaders and other Christian Care Workers who have sacrificed their entire lives for the sake of the most vulnerable. You will interact with children who have devastating stories to tell of abuse and trauma. You will engage with the diverse Hands at Work family who have been called to serve and live together as multi cultural communities. Ultimately, we hope to provide you a unique and privileged opportunity to understand more about the crisis sweeping across Africa: poverty, orphans, HIV - and the response of Hands at Work to bring hope.

A vision trip typically consists of 10 intensive days ‘on the ground’, visiting multiple communities and often multiple countries. The team will be made up of like-minded people from your home country and perhaps also from other International countries, tailor-made to you and the direction you are heading. Vision trips come with a personal invitation from us to you – they are not available to everybody. Instead, we invite specific people to join us who we see as key individuals and leaders in their own communities, who we want to ‘take deeper’ into our work and who already display a heart and passion to serve.

Be Inspired by testimonies from our recent Vision Trips.

The first thing that strikes me is how beautiful and precious these children are. Their clothes may be ragged and almost all are dirty, but there’s a luminous beauty to them. The second thing was that George’s figure of ten million orphaned by AIDS kept running through my mind.
— Peter Hunt, Canada | Vision Trip Participant 2014
I’ve come to realise in a more profound sense than ever, that true beauty and joy is where Christ is manifested. Even in the saddest of circumstances, I saw the sick, poor, and dying, responding to the Spirit of God and filled with joy
— Peter Steen, US | Vision Trip Participant 2014


Join A Hands at Work Vision Trip

Contact your local Hands at Work office for more information and to set up a meeting to discuss upcoming vision trip opportunities. You can also submit applications to the following addresses, or, if you live outside of the following list of countries, email