The Story of Nehemiah

A challenge to arise and build

We encourage you to prayerfully read the story of Nehemiah found in the Bible (Nehemiah chapters 1-6) and discover it’s truths for yourself.

Nehemiah was living a comfortable life in the king’s courts in Babylon. His life was good and he could not have asked for a more senior position.

But his heart was not there. Hearing about the distress and defenselessness of his people who were living in Jerusa- lem, Nehemiah was overcome with grief. Their vulnerability was mainly due to state of the wall around Jerusalem, which had been destroyed by fire and was in ruins (Nehemiah 1:3-4). The wall was supposed to be their defense, a protection against their enemies and those that would hurt and oppress them.

Now parallel this story to that of the thousands of vulnerable children newly orphaned in Africa each day due to the AIDS epidemic. They are God’s children yet they are defenseless and exposed to many dangers due to the state they find themselves in.

The God of heaven Himself will prosper us, therefore we His servants will arise and build.
— Nehemiah 2:20

Nehemiah left the comfort of the king’s courts to go and inspect the wall, as many have also done by visiting the most vulnerable in Africa. Nehemiah went, he saw the true state of things and his heart was broken!

He purposed to do something about it. He challenged the people about the state of the wall and that they should rebuild it. They responded by saying, “Let us rise up and build.” Then they set their hands to do this good work (Neh. 2: 18).

Nehemiah answered those that criticized and mocked their cause, proclaiming, “The God of heaven Himself will prosper us, therefore we His servants will arise and build.”

It was an enormous task to build the wall, which was 1.5 miles long and 8 feet thick!

Some people moved to work on certain sections of the wall, but many built right in front of their houses where they lived (Nehemiah 3). There were goldsmiths, perfumers, priests and many other people not accustomed to build- ing, but with the heart and vision for a completed wall to protect their vulner- able people, they all purposed to do their part.

The response of the people to work together in unity, each one doing his part with single-minded devotion and purpose, was the positioning for the miracle, which transpired when the wall was completed in only 52 days!

Their enemies were very afraid and dismayed because they realized that God had miraculously done the work and was with them.

In the devastating and overwhelming situation of AIDS and poverty in Africa, each one, wherever he lives, can play a part to help build the wall of protection around these vulnerable children. Each brick built in the wall is a child cared for through local community volunteers who advocate on behalf of the children and provide access to food security, basic health care and education. This is the foundation for the wellbeing of the children, so that they are protected from those that would abuse and take advantage of them due to their vunerability.

It is behind this wall of protection that these children are free to grow in peace and security into the people that our Father has destined them to become!

Can we, together, trust God to prosper this work and multiply it far beyond our abilities?

Will you also respond with, “Yes, we will arise and build”?

Join us as we trust God to miraculously complete the work of caring for 100,000 of Africa’s most vulnera- ble children that would not have been cared for had we not gone there.

How big a section of the wall will you take responsibility to help build?

Will you also be a “Nehemiah” where you are and stand up to challenge others to do their part in this awe- some work? So that many will see this good work and glorify our Father in heaven!