World AIDS Day - Pray for AIDS Victims and for Zambia

Hello prayer advocates,

Today on World AIDS Day we think of all mothers and fathers who have passed away due to AIDS, leaving behind broken families and orphaned children. And we ask you to lift up in prayer the broken families and, in particular, any orphaned children that you personally know of.

Ask the Lord to help your church be an example of the Lord’s love for orphans as written in Psalm 10:17-18, “The helpless put their trust in You. You are the defender of orphans Lord, You know the hopes of the helpless. Surely You will listen to their cries and comfort them. You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed, so people can no longer terrify them.”

Today we’d also like you to stand in prayer for our family in Zambia. Below is a letter from them: 

Thank you for wrestling in prayer with us. May the Lord remember you for all this work and we pray that the He strengthens you and gives you deep insight as you spearhead His work.

Here are some of the things that we’d like to bring before our Lord:

  • Please pray for unity and understanding in everything and for everyone. In particular in our 3 Hands at Work offices in Zambia: Kitwe, Luanshya and Kabwe, in the communities that those 3 offices support, and in our Regional Support Team located in Luanshya, Zambia that supports our Zambia, Malawi and D.R.C. offices.
  • Pray that because of God’s mercy, He will continue to provide caregivers and counselors for children who have been orphaned. Pray also for those children who have been abandoned and abused that they would find courage to open up to a loving caregiver or counselor and in doing so find healing.
  • Please pray for wisdom and zeal for all the Hands at Work team in Zambia
  • Also pray for God's guidance as the team moves forward in new areas in Zambia
  • Pray for Todd, Katie, Alicia, Tyler, Chris, Morgan and Margie (6 Canadian + 1 South African mid-term volunteers) who are in the region visiting, encouraging and providing support where they can.
  • Lastly pray for more international partners and individuals with generous and willing hearts in order that we may find support to care for all the children in the communities we are currently working in.

Thanks and may the Lord be with you.


Expanding the Work in Zambia



  • The Luanshya team is casting vision in 14 new communities in 2009. Please pray that God will connect the team to the right people, people with servant hearts in each community, and that because of this, many more orphaned and vulnerable children will receive home visits from community volunteers who can love and care for them.
  • The Luanshya team recently moved into a new office. Please pray that the infrastructure can be put into place to improve communication and make a place where the staff is bettered with a healthy environment.


  • Kabwe service center will be hiring an administrator in June 2009, pray that God brings the right person to join the team.
  • The service center is in desperate need of a vehicle, please pray that we can find a reliable vehicle for a good price and that the money will be enough.
  • Kabwe service center is also hosting four teams in June and July 2009. Please pray for their safety and for God to reveal himself in a new way in their time in Kabwe.


  •  The development of an agricultural project to support feeding OVC.
  •  And also the mobilization of people in the village of Manjanja to care for the vulnerable in their community.