In Pictures

by Morgan Malster

“The poverty in Nigeria is like nothing I have ever seen. It’s dark, it makes you feel heavy. I have seen many things in my almost four years walking on African soil, but nothing that compared to this.”

Morgan Malster, a long-term international volunteer with Hands at Work in Africa, shares a series of photos that tell a story. A story of poverty and darkness but also of love, hope and life.  As she walked through Nigeria for the first time, breathing it in, she made a true and honest attempt to capture all that she saw on camera. 

Celebrations! 2013 - a picture of our time


Lesa namishishimuna  

Lesa namishishimuna

Pankasanshenu na fukama

Namishishimuna  (a Bemba worship favourite)

(Father we worship You

Father we worship You

We bow down at Your feet

We worship You)  

God showed up and we are changed!  

Please have a look at the photos on our Flickr site and the slide show on vimeo.