Weekly Meetings

Gathering together on a daily basis is an integral part of the community of Hands at Work in Africa. These times are targeted specifically for building relationships with God and with one another. They are where smaller communities are knit closer together and individuals begin to look out for one another. The Hands Community is built on the foundation of Christ and we are called to express our worship, prayers, and faith together as a community. We value our teams and visitors and encourage them to be a part of many of these meetings.


Men’s Prayer
This is a time where all men gather together at the beginning of each new week to intercede for the Hands Family, the children we care for, and for the partners who support us. Individuals take turns leading this time.

Morning Prayer
The whole community meets together to commit the week and our work to God in prayer and to spend time together. Small groups take turns facilitating, focusing on what they feel is important for our family at that time through the use of scripture, prayer, and worship. We also spend part of this time on family announcements: celebrating birthdays, praying for those traveling, and communicating news. Monday mornings are more than just prayer meetings – they are family time!


Ladies’ Prayer
All ladies come together to commit their personal and global needs to God and praise Him for answered prayer. This is a time to minister to one another and to experience growth as different ladies take turns leading.


Small Groups
The Hands Community is broken into smaller groups who meet, share and fellowship in various homes. These groups exist to deepen relationships, facilitate spiritual growth, and create a safe environment for individuals to share openly.


An optional time where individuals come for prayer and intercede for others - either for the full time, or just a few minutes. Each Hands Community will appoint a prayer coordinator to facilitate this.


Every Friday of the month, we do a different activity as the whole Hands Community. Each week we also attend to family announcements: welcoming newcomers, saying farewell, celebrating birthdays, praying for those travelling, etc.

Word & Worship We come together to worship and hear God’s word for us, often from a guest speaker outside the Hands Community.

Going Deeper A time of teaching from members of the Hands leadership to help refocus ourselves on Christ and His calling for us. The teaching is based upon our Core Values and the Biblical foundations of who we are.

Hands on Deck As many members of the Hands Family share, we celebrate all that God has done for us and everywhere He has taken us. This is a time where we all hear and learn what God is doing throughout Hands, and each gain a deeper understanding of areas that we are not directly involved in.

Community Prayer We choose a community where we are serving children and we go out for the morning to spend time with the Care Workers. A member of the Hands leadership will share a word of encouragement, and we take time to get to know our Care Workers and pray for them in their own personal lives, and their work serving the most vulnerable children in their community.


Spiritual Celebrations

As a contemplative community, we have several specific events where we practice our contemplative lifestyle. Celebrating these Christian seasons together keeps us engaged in Christ’s story and helps bring focus, spiritual growth, and unification under a common vision. Each year we mark these events in a unique way.

A time of prayer and repentance.
As a community, we encourage each other to be more aware of Jesus’ last 40 days on earth and what He gave up for us. Many people will give up something to become more aware of what Jesus gave up for us. We also meet daily to pray together during our 40 Days of Prayer event where we have a specific prayer focus for each of the 40 days.

Holy Week
Remembering the time leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.
We meet daily to walk the road with Jesus in His last days, contemplating on the pain and suffering that He went through for our salvation. This is a deep time of meditating on the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

Advent (November – we celebrate Advent early as many international volunteers travel home in December)
Preparing for and celebrating Christ’s birth.
We create a community program to help us understand more in depth the miracle, but also the pain and challenges, that Mary and Joseph faced as they gave birth to Jesus.