Meanwhile in Africa... Prisoners of Hope

In Oshoek, we went to one of our Care Points. And there I met a girl, twelve-years-old, whom I stayed with more than two and half years ago with her mom, her two brothers. And I was deeply taken that night, even in the midst of deep poverty, how a mom was caring for her and protecting her. When I met her on Friday, my heart was absolutely broken.

Meanwhile in Africa... Good Father

We all know that song 'You're a Good Good Father, so well. Such beautiful words. I love to sing that. But, recently when I was in a Democratic Republic of the Congo, deep in the mountains with a young girl called Vumi, whose father wanted to sell her, whose mother and siblings were killed in front of her. I wondered, "How do I explain to Vumi if she listened to me seeing the song You're a Good Good Father?" 

Meanwhile in Africa... Pray for Light and Hope

there are people around us that encourage us, pray for us and support us, and it's beautiful. And I really believe that this no place for lonely people in the kingdom of God. We are called to work together.But you know every now, and then you meet the individual that is just faithfully chipping away, because they are so determined to make a difference. And you watch them, and you're just awe-struck by them. You're just inspired by them.