Masory School

Radical Advent: Samuel & Elijah's Story from Ilaje, Nigeria

As a part of our Radical Advent Campaign, we want to share a story of two precious boys from Ilaje.  Samuel is 7 years old, and his brother Elijah is 4 years old. When Elijah was still a baby, their mother was chased away from their home after being accused of adultery, leaving Samuel and Elijah in the care of their father. However, the boys’ father died in a motor accident three years later.  Since then, the boys live with a relative who tries to provide for them with the little money he earns from fishing. Unable to pay for their school fees, the brothers had been out of school for two years before being discovered by the local, volunteer Care Workers of Ilaje Community Based Organization.  

Today, they are enrolled at Masory School; Samuel is in first grade and Elijah is in nursery school. Both boys receive a nutritious meal each day and are able to play with other children in the program. The regular home visits they receive from the Ilaje Care Workers shows Samuel and Elijah that they are loved, and that they still have parental figures in their lives that care deeply about them.  Make this a Radical Advent by supporting Hands at Work in improving access to secure sources of food and education for poor children in Africa!  Please consider making a donation to our Christmas campaign here.