Sharing a Heavy Burden (NIG)


Seth is a five year old boy living in the community of Ilaje, Nigeria. He is the youngest of four siblings. Several years ago when Seth was still a baby, his father left the family and divorced his mother, leaving the family destitute. Seth’s mother had no work and the children were severely malnourished.  An aunt, knowing their desperate situation, even took one of Seth’s siblings home with her--after all, it was one less mouth for Seth's mom to feed. As Seth’s mother moved from house to house one day, begging for work or any spare food, she came across one of the Eagle Foundation care workers. Their local volunteers visited the family in their home and was struck by their vulnerability.They immediately decided to register the two younger children in the 3 Essential Services program where the children will receive one meal a day, basic health care and education. 

Through the program, the care workers also enrolled Seth and his sister at the community school.  In the beginning, Seth really struggled at school. He had received no nursery education and fell behind on his studies compared to his classmates. He struggled to finish his work at school, and he couldn’t take it home to finish after school--there was literally no space in his small home where he can concentrate and do his homework.  However, the teach­ers in the Ilaje Community School did not give up on Seth. They continued to encourage him at school, and he slowly began to catch up with his school friends.  Today Seth and his sister are doing well at their school, and their mother has found some work selling yams.  It may not bring in much money, but it does help her to provide for her family’s basic needs.  While the family is still struggling, the care workers are bringing much love and support to many areas of their lives, lessening the heavy burden that this family has had to carry over the years.