Siphwe's Story

Siphwe is 6 years old.  She was living in the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka, when her parents passed away and she was abruptly uprooted and moved 300 km to live with her elderly grandmother in the small, rural village called Susu.  Siphwe's grandmother is doing the best she can, but she is very tired, and her only source of income is the small amount of money that comes from crops she can sell from her garden.  Siphwe sleeps on the floor at home with one blanket and often receives very little food at home.

But Siphwe's life is changing, because she is now visited regularly by Christopher, a care worker for a small grassroots organization called Susu Home-based Care.  Christopher has been a consistent parental influence and encouragement for Siphwe.  He is someone who she can trust, who loves and supports her.  Christopher ensures that Siphwe is consistently attending the local school here she receives a healthy meal.  This consistent food has been a huge blessing to Siphwe, as she now has the energy to walk to and from her home, to focus in school, and to help her grandmother with household chores.  Siphwe still has many challenges in her life, but Christopher and the other care workers for Susu Home-based Care believe that the longer she is in their care and a part of this program, the more she will grow into a healthy, happy young girl.

"No longer will the poor be nameless." -Psalm 9:18

Thanks to generous American donors like Grace Church in Racine, Wisconsin, the Ten Talents Foundation, Nurses for Africa, and individuals like you, Hands at Work is able to support the village of Susu through Christian volunteers who have big dreams for their community.  If you're interested in supporting a a child like Siphwe through Hands at Work, click GIVE NOW.  Tell Siphwe's story.  Advocate on her behalf.  Give a name to the nameless.  If we can help you, let us know by emailing