Abel Dreams of What the Future will Hold


Abel* is 15 years old and has never known his parents.  Abandoned as a baby, he was left on a railway track, helpless and alone. By the grace of God, an older couple, the Bandas, found Abel and took him into their home, where he has lived ever since.  Although they were kind enough to rescue Abel, the Bandas themselves live in extreme poverty and have had difficulty providing for all of the household's needs. Abel has grown up knowing what it feels like to go to bed hungry, and wondering about who his biological parents are and why they left him. His adoptive parents are elderly and Abel has, at times, felt deeply lonely, often longing for friends who he could share life with.

Recently, the Matsinho B Community Based Organisation (CBO) started serving the most vulnerable children in their community.  When Rosalina and the other Care Workers from the Matsinho B CBO found Abel and learned his story, they quickly realised that he was one of the most vulnerable.  Abel was invited to the Care Point where he was excited to start receiving a hot and nutritious meal and have a safe place where he can meet and connect with other youth who are experiencing similar struggles. Regularly, Rosalina visits Abel in his home, bringing with her the spiritual, emotional and practical support needed by the whole family. Rosalina has become a mother figure in Abel's life and is someone who he can trust and depend upon.

Today, Abel feels at home at the Care Point, where he has many friends and is growing into a young leader. He is supported with his education and dreams of becoming a teacher. Though the pain of rejection is still with Abel, he now feels that his burdens are shared and carried by others who deeply care for him. When he lies in bed at night, he is no longer lonely: his stomach is full and he dreams of what the future will hold. Through the faithful love and commitment of Rosalina and the other Care Workers, Abel is learning more about his Heavenly Father who deeply loves and cares of him..