Hands at Work gathering on the 28th November 2015

Exciting news! On Saturday 28th November from 10am until around 4pm you are invited to a Hands at Work gathering.

It will be hosted in St Albans (it's the same location as last year if you came.)

Map here: 


The format will be a bit different to last year but will cover:

What's happened in Africa this year

What's happened in the UK this year, including progress against 1,2,3,4

A chance to learn more about Partnerships and how we want these to develop.

A look ahead to the challenges set for 2016.

In the afternoon we plan to run informal workshop sessions for those interested in:
Volunteering in Africa for a year - or those who might want to challenge a friend or family member to step out.
Those leading a team or going on team visits
Probably one on partnership for those who are looking to help their partnership go deeper or are interested in a new partnership.

We're relaxed on the details, particularly the workshops. We'll respond to the needs of people attending to make sure it's valuable.

We'll also sing, pray and enjoy some good coffee and excellent cakes.

If none of the Hands stuff appeals, then come for the cakes!

We'll send some more information out as we run up to the event. In the meantime can I please ask you to extend personal invites to people you know who this might appeal to.