A Personal Story

This year, Heather and I had the opportunity to spend three and a half weeks in Africa, split between Kachele Farm in Zambia and the Hub in South Africa. From a personal point of view, we felt this was much needed as it gave us a chance to 'be' rather than to 'do', and also re-charge our own batteries.

We have many stories to tell, but perhaps the highlights were:

  • the chance to share 'holy home visits' with our care workers in Susu & Chibote (Zambia) and Mandlesive and Siyathuthuka (South Africa)
  • the great encouragement of being in both countries at the same time as UK teams and watching them throw themselves into 'serving, learning, encouraging and participating', especially the 'rookies'
  • how much more can be achieved through being in the same place physically, spending quality time with each other and face-to-face meetings, than through our normal communication methods such as e-mail, phone and Skype.

Nick Lawrence

Children greeting us at the Care Point in Susu, Zambia

Playing with children at Susu, ZambiaOur amazing care workers at Chibote, Zambia