Prayer Requests - June 2015

Greetings to all our faithful Prayer Warriors,

I know that the Lord
secures justice for the poor
And upholds the cause of the needy
Psalm 140:12

Please pray with us
Pray for community of Miswa where local volunteer Care Workers have been visiting children in the their homes and growing in their capacity to care for their own community. Pray for God’s guidance as they strive to bring essential services to the most vulnerable children. Pray for more Care Workers and churches to catch God’s vision of caring for the most vulnerable.
Pray for the regional and local teams who are mobilising and supporting communities and local volunteers. Pray for strength, wisdom, anointed connections between people, and courage when challenges are faced.
Ask God to continue bringing us new African leaders to be raised up and discipled as servant hearted advocates for the most vulnerable. Pray for the spouses of current and future leaders to also embrace the vision of Hands at Work, and to be open to becoming a part of God’s transformational work.

Pray for God to guide us in identifying Youth Leaders during youth camps. Pray for Youth Leaders to be revealed who will guide their generation and take ownership in caring for one another in their own communities.
Thank God with us

In Honde Valley, eight-year-old Nomsa lives with her mother Maiba, who is HIV positive, and her fifteen-year-old sister Grace. After their father abandoned them they faced many challenges and Maiba was unable to pay Nomsa’s school fees.
Mary, a local volunteer Care Worker, found the family.  Together with Jane, who coordinates the Care Workers in Honde Valley, they responded to relieve the burden from both Nomsa and Maiba.
Mary and Jane now visit the family twice a week to sit and play with Nomsa. Nomsa is back at school, receives a hot meal every day, and was blessed with a blanket and a pair of shoes provided through the mosbilisation of the local and international church to care for those most in need.
Nomsa says she thanks God for answered prayers.
For He will deliver the needy who cry out,
the afflicted who have no one to help
Psalm 72:12

Greetings in Jesus’ Name,