Prayer Requests and Praise Reports - February 2014

Greetings in Jesus’ Name,

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come - Matthew 24:14

MOZAMBIQUE – Macadiera Community

Macadiera is situated on the highway running through Mozambique into Zimbabwe, a busy trucking route, which draws commercial sex workers in the community and intensifies the vulnerability of young women who live here. As many vulnerable children have to use this route to reach school, the pressure on them is great as can be seen by the huge rate of HIV, pregnancies and school drop outs.

Hands at Work, together with local churches and community leaders, are striving to reach and get involved with the poorest children to share their burdens, provide love and give support by demonstrating the heart of Christ. Please pray for wisdom and encouragement as they face many challenges. Pray for the workshop currently being held in Macadiera with our Care Workers. Pray the facilitators will have wisdom as there is a strong presence of evil in this area. Pray the stronghold of the devil will be broken by the power of God’s love and the Care Workers will experience the peace of Jesus’ love.

Praise Reports


Kafwa was left without parents when his mother Lyly passed away. Together with his five siblings, he was evicted from their home. Dorcas, herself a desperately poor widow, took them into her small home together with her four children. Food was a daily struggle and education a distant dream. When Care Workers stepped in, the children were provided with access to health care and also began receiving a healthy hot meal every day. Kafwa and his siblings are now attending school and have hope for the future. The Care Workers continue to visit them and bring encouragement and the love of Christ. We praise God for His faithfulness.

ZIMBABWE - Honde Valley Community

Jacoline is only seven years old and cares for her brother Vilena who is five years old. She has to collect water at the village well, a walk down a steep mountain. Only after washing her brother and cleaning the house, can she go to school. Care Workers found her and her brother and immediately stepped in. Jacoline and her brother are now cared for by Anna, a Care Worker. Anna helps with the chores and encourages the children. They feel loved and secure. We thank God for the Care Workers as they do such amazing work with children in difficult and challenging circumstances. Please continue to pray for them.

Be blessed,


PS: 40 Days of Prayer 2014 begins March 12 – I hope you will join us! Download the 40 Days 2014 Prayer Guide. My regular prayer requests will resume after Easter Sunday.

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