Prayer for the church in Mozambique and for ground-breaking training in Zambia

Greetings to all who faithfully pray for Hands,

Isaiah 14:3 tells us that the Lord will set us free from our sorrow, suffering and slavery. Today we are asking you to join us in prayer on behalf of those who are facing sorrow, suffering or are slaves to their state of poverty. By praying for those who are weary and burdened, we are actively holding up their hands when they don’t have the strength to do it on their own (Exodus 17:12) so that their battle may be won and they may be set free. We do pray for their circumstances to change, by God’s will, but even more so, for their gaze to be set on our God and that the inner battle of being able to endure all things through Christ in us who gives us strength, may be won. (Philippians 4:13)

Please pray for those who are stirring up the local church in Mozambique to care for those in need. Farai, our Hands at Work coordinator in Zimbabwe, will travel across the border to Mozambique to meet with local church leaders to share the Hands vision. Please pray for him as he steps out in faith to communicate God’s heart for His people. Please also pray for Dara and Faustino who stay in Mozambique and will also be meeting church leaders and visiting new communities. Pray for divine appointments with those whom God has prepared to do this work.

Please continue to pray for the ground-breaking training in Zambia. Community leaders from around Africa are gathered together for one more week to learn how to facilitate a foundational training on building relationships with children through play and joining in child’s play. Please specifically pray for:

Care Workers (continuing in their role while also becoming facilitators)

Killion Layitan                 from Mgwere            Dedza Service Center, Malawi

Tanazio Betiel                 from Cheneka          Dedza Service Center, Malawi

John Matiwe                   from Honde Valley    Mutare Service Center, Zimbabwe

Mayowa Ademakinwa     from Ilaje                  Lagos Service Center, Nigeria

Rueben Chileshe             from Mulenga           Kitwe Service Center, Zambia

Boyd Chishimba              from Amulo              Kitwe Service Center, Zambia

Cecilia Mwamba              from Place of Hope    Luanshya Service Center, Zambia


Hands at Work (continuing in roles while also becoming facilitators)

Nymeba Mbuzi, field coordinator from              Kabwe Service Center, Zambia

Graham Chamasondi, field coordinator from    Luanshya Service Center, Zambia

Rani Beaud                    from Luanshya,         Zambia Regional Support Team

Juliet Zulu                     from Kachele Village,  Zambia Regional Support Team


Hands at Work Hub

Emily Dinhira (trainer of facilitators now, becoming a mentor by end of course)

Robyn Hunziker (helping to make this training possible)

Also pray that children's lives will be changed even as our trainees practice in the field and that their practical’s will go smoothly and be life changing for those they are training. And lastly for fruit that will remain in the community and even that the seeds of that fruit will bear more fruit, more abundantly then what we could hope or even dream!