Continuing in Prayer.

Please stand with us in prayer:

  • For the world cup soccer, that crime will not increase especially as many homes will be left when people go to watch the games.
  • As the roads are crowded, pray that God’s protection can be with those who are travelling all the time.
  • Continue to pray also for the human traffic, prostitution and similar crimes that happen at this time.
  • Please pray also pray for us, that we continue to focus on the work God has entrusted with us.
  • Pray also for our Service Center coordinator for Zimbabwe, Farai, he has been in a car accident and he was reported to have broken his leg and fractured his jaw.
  • Pray also for our Service Centers which are active at all times, that our care workers can continue to be filled with joy and zeal.
  • Pray also for expansion as we continue to need more skilled people to come and volunteer with us.