Prayer for this week


Today on our 40days of prayer calendar, we pray for street children. Thesechildren live under bushes and in dumps and sewage pipes. They may eat mealsout of trash cans. Many people walk by them without seeing them or view themas pests. Ask God to open the community's eyes to help them see the orphansall around them. Ask the Lord to provide food and shelter for the streetchildren (especially for Eric and the Hands street children in DRC)


Other few prayer points we would like you to join us in praying:

. Pray for the Mozambique and Zimbabwean conference starting onThursday

. Pray for all the people travelling to the conference, for easyborder crossing as well as safe journeys for each one.

. Pray also for the Hands family at this time, to be strengthenedand to be encouraged.

. Pray also just for wisdom as we will be making different decisionsand moving into new areas this year


Thank you all for your continual prayers, we praise God for the conferencesthat have been going well so far, and his word that has been full of wisdomand refreshment. Even as we strive to reach a 100,000 children by the end ofthis year, we believe it's by your prayers that we will see the hand of Godand the display of his wonders. For if God is for us, who can stand againstus and who can stand against his plans.