My Calling: Trina Nkandu

At Hands at Work, our volunteers are called by God from all over the world to serve the most vulnerable in Africa. Each of us has a unique story of how we were transformed when we stepped out in faith and were obedient to His call. Trina shares her story and the journey that has led her to fully trust and serve in her local area in Zambia.  

Long before I began with Hands at Work, I had worked in a couple of different shops, but I eventually moved to working in a clothing boutique. While I was working at this boutique, I was also taking a course at school for basic computer training. In 2006, once I had finished the computer course, I went on to obtain my Social Work certificate as I had a heart for helping people. While I was working at the boutique, there was a young boy – a street child – that would come to our shop. He would always ask for piece work and then ask for money for bread. I used to think, ‘why does he come here?’ but then I felt lead to encourage him. I started telling him that he could go back to school and learn English. I encouraged him and spoke to him about God. Then one day he told me that there was a local priest that had taken him and some of the young children in off of the streets, enrolling them in school and was feeding them. But suddenly, I stopped hearing from him, and he stopped coming to visit. I later found out that he had dropped out of school and left the priest’s complex. I was disheartened but did not really know what to do.

After a year, when I had left the boutique to go work as a typist, the boy came looking for me at the boutique. The ladies told him I did not work there anymore. Thankfully they showed him where I was working and I got to reconnect with him. He told me that he was back at school, living with the priest and was in grade 7. He told me he was thankful I had encouraged him to go back to school and that it was my words that helped change his mind to go back. It was so encouraging for me to see the impact that I had on his life, and my heart for children grew even more at this point. I haven’t seen him since that day but I think of him often.

 I was attending a church in Kabwe when one day they mentioned that Hands at Work was looking for someone to fill an administrative position. In my heart I wanted to apply because even though I wasn’t from the local communities, I had a desire to help people. I used to pray that one day I would have the opportunity to be able to talk to people and help them, the way I helped the boy, but I didn’t think I had the qualifications. I went home and talked to my husband Saul, and told him about this opportunity. Saul encouraged me to apply even though I was hesitating. The same week that this opportunity with Hands at Work came up, my friend told me about a job opening with the government as a prison warden. Even though this job in the prison would have provided more stability for my family, I prayed and asked God to give me the job that He wanted for me. Eventually I met with people from Hands at Work, and they told me that I had the job.

I started with Hands at Work full time in 2009, as the Kabwe local office administrator. I did not have any previous training for this position, but God had put it upon my heart to serve and I was willing to learn. Throughout the time that I have been with Hands, I have grown in my walk with Christ, in my ability to create relationships and I have been pushed to go out of my comfort zone. In 2014, I transitioned from being an administrator to being the Kabwe local office coordinator. I did not feel like I had the qualifications to be a leader but God has taught me and walked with me through the challenges and I have come out the other side. I enjoy being a part of this work, even though sometimes it is tough to be a leader. You have to be humble. Sometimes it feels like there is a conflict between your flesh and your spirit, but God can teach you a lesson in every situation or conflict that you go through. As a child growing up, I never thought that I would be here today but I’ve seen God humble me and help me through it.

Currently, Trina serves as the coordinator for the local office in Kabwe, Zambia. She lives in Kabwe with her husband Saul and their three children, with a fourth on the way.

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