Answered Prayers

Nomsa helps her Care Workers clean dishes after her daily meal at the local Care Point in Honde Valley

Nomsa helps her Care Workers clean dishes after her daily meal at the local Care Point in Honde Valley

Honde Valley, Zimbabwe

Honde Valley is a desperately poor community in Zimbabwe. It is here where 8 year old Nomsa* lives with her mother, Maiba*, 34, and her sister Grace*, who is 15 years old. They stay in an old house that desperately needs repair.

 Nomsa’s father abandoned them when she was very young. Seeking help and support, Maiba took her daughters and moved back to her parent’s community. Nomsa and her family face many challenges and suffer from a lack of basic essentials including clothing and blankets. The family is dependent on farming but unfortunately have only a small piece of land on which to grow maize. Maiba was unable to pay school fees for her daughter, so Nomsa remained at home helping with household responsibilities. Further complicating their situation, Maiba was trapped in a battle with her health only to find out after a hospital visit in 2014 that she is HIV positive.

It was in this state that Mary, a Care Worker at Pimai Community Based Organisation, found Nomsa and her family. Together with Jane, the coordinator for Pimai, Mary assessed the desperation of Nomsa’s situation and responded accordingly. Immediately Mary became Nomsa’s Care Worker and began visiting her twice a week, often checking on her health because of her struggle with being malnourished. During one of Mary’s regular visits, Maiba shared that she has found peace in her life and was thanking God for answered prayer.

Nomsa now attends the Care Point and receives a hot meal every week day. The Care Point also provides a place of refuge for Nomsa, and the other 149 children like her, giving them an opportunity to play together and just be children. Nomsa is responding well to the Care Workers who are taking the time to sit, listen and play with her. In addition, Nomsa is back in school and was even blessed with a blanket and a pair of shoes as part of the care provided through Pimai Community Based Organisation.

 *Names have been changed

For the most vulnerable children, feeling loved is often just a dream. We are called to be part of bringing them a family; bringing joy and hope into their lives!
— George Snyman, Co-Founder

More Updates from Honde Valley:

  • Two workshops organised to bring healing to caregivers like Maiba and their vulnerable children were held this past quarter. Combined, these workshops touched 40 children and their respective caregivers by introducing to them the love of Jesus and His message of redemption. Hands at Work local leaders facilitated the workshops, encouraging the caregivers and children to find healing in their relationships with God and one another.
  • This past quarter, school fees were paid for 69 children and school uniform items were provided for 13 children. This enabled these students to attend school and write exams.
  • Access to basic health care is another priority for the Care Workers in Honde Valley. This past quarter, 13 children were taken to the clinic to be treated for various illnesses. For more minor ailments, the Care Workers purchased a first aid box. This enabled them, for the first time, to treat children with the basic medicines needed.