Stories Of Hope And Resilience In Zimbabwe

In mid-March, Cyclone Idai hit South Eastern Africa - a disaster for tens of thousands of people. As a result of the cyclone, many of the communities in Mozambique and Zimbabwe are facing a total loss of their crop at a critical harvest time, extending the yearly hunger season by another 12 months.

Local Bulk Purchasing

In the months following Cyclone Idai, it has become increasingly difficult to purchase maize, a staple food. Recently, Hands at Work was able to bulk-purchase food which will sustain all of our communities in Zimbabwe for the next six months. In the Honde Valley, all of the maize and beans were purchased locally from Primary Caregivers and Care Workers. This not only brought food security for our own communities, but for the families themselves who received a fair price for their harvest. This is one example of how communities have been strengthened and resiliency built through supporting one another. This week, they will come together at the Pimai B Life Centre to ‘treat’ the maize and portion it into bags for storage. This community who have experienced so much loss is now united in bringing new hope!

Building a future

The bulk purchase of food and supplies is being stored in newly purchased containers situated at the Pimai B and Sakubva Life Centres. In Sakubva, one of the grandfathers came to the Life Centre with his tools, desiring to teach some of the youth his basic carpentry skills. He has offered to support these young people to make pallets on which they will store the food in the containers at the Life Centres. A new generation is being equipped with essential skills which we hope will not only benefit the work today, but provide employment and stability far into the future.