Canadian Volunteers of 2015

In 2015, Hands at Work (Canada) Society supported 16 Canadian volunteers who served on the ground in Africa and sent 3 teams who walked alongside our local volunteers. We are so grateful for the people God continues to provide as we strive to see the Church outside of Africa fulfill the biblical mandate of caring for the poorest of the poor.

Celine Letkeman and Tyler and Alicia Ralph, are 3 international volunteers that went to take part in this transformative work. Tyler and Alicia Ralph arrived in South Africa in September 2009 as part of the volunteer intake and continue to serve there now. Celine arrived in September 2014 spending a year on the ground before returning back home to Canada. Once on the ground in Africa, they were encouraged and challenged deeply by the children and local volunteers that they met and served.

"As I walked with the most vulnerable children and heard their stories, my heart broke for them and the despair that surrounds them. Yet I was filled with hope when I looked at their Care Workers. I feel so incredibly privileged to have been able to walk with the Care Workers and children and be into their lives and families. I want to take their stories of brokenness and healing home with me to Canada and become an advocate. I pray God uses these stories to bring more people into fighting for the lives of the most vulnerable children across Africa." – Celine Letkeman (Abbotsford, BC)

“The stories that cut us up and the injustices we saw made us not feel right returning to Canada and jumping back into the lives that we were living, so we felt continue living in Africa. We’ve been impacted by so many people and living in community at the HUB has changed our lives completely.” – Alicia and Tyler Ralph (Victoria, BC)