25% Growth in 2016

Hands at Work (Canada) Society celebrates our continued relationships with volunteers and children across Africa. With over 1600 children being lovingly cared for by local volunteers through intentional, parental relationships and each child receiving food, education and basic health care, we have a lot to be grateful for this year! There are many amazing stories of transformation in children’s lives as well as local and international volunteers’ lives. It is truly a privilege to be a part of God’s love reaching across borders and stretching over seas.

As we look ahead to the New Year, we look with anticipation and hopefulness. Our Care Workers in Africa continue to push out and expand their reach into new homes and villages, identifying many children who remain unreached. The situation is urgent and drives us as Hands Canada to increase our support as we partner with those Care Workers and help them to carry their burdens.

“Sylvia” is one of these Care Workers. Her heart for the most broken children in her community compels her to continue seeking more children who need care. Because she was visited first in her brokenness and despair by loving members of her community bringing messages of hope through Christ, in her process of healing, she chose to do the same for the many children experiencing similar hopelessness. 

Sylvia (front left) and the other careworkers from Mulenga, Zambia.

Sylvia (front left) and the other careworkers from Mulenga, Zambia.

At the end of December 2015, Hands at Work in Africa (Canada) Society is partnered with 16 communities, helping to care for 1665 vulnerable children:

  • Luhonga & Buhimba – Goma, DRC – 80 children

  • Toyota – DRC – 200 children

  • Kitabataba – DRC – 100 children

  • Mulenga – Zambia – 175 children

  • Kalende – Zambia – 100 children

  • Maranatha – Zambia – 100 children

  • Katetaula – Zambia – 50 children

  • Nissi – Zambia – 50 children

  • Apatuku – Nigeria – 60 children

  • Pimai A – Zimbabwe – 75 children

  • Pimai B – Zimbabwe – 125 children

  • Sakubva – Zimbabwe – 150 children

  • Mngwere – Malawi – 200 children

  • Chinkhu – Malawi – 100 children

  • Racecourse – Zambia – 100 children

By December of 2016, Hands at Work in Africa (Canada) Society plans to be partnered with an additional community, K-Block in Zambia, and to take responsibility for the care of 410 additional children within our existing community partnerships--a growth of more than 25% this year.

Help us to reach this goal of supporting 410 new children and 1 new community. We need your continued prayer and support.