When you look at a child, what do you see?

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In Africa, you see a child that is hungry, alone and often, neglected. For the past 3 years Hands at Work has been providing basic food, health and educational supports for $15 a month per child. That's 50 cents per day! But the days of being able to do that are gone and the need is 67 cents per day, or $20 a month.  Will you help us?

Please consider increasing your donation either through a one-time gift to help us with this increase, or by increasing your monthly contributions?  Or, if you've never been a supporter, would you consider becoming one?

There are 3 ways you can let us know if you can help.  You can advise us by sending an email with instructions (your name, $ amount, preference for monthly or one-time amount), or you can complete the Giving Form or use the Canada Helps button to make your donations.  Whichever way you choose be assured your giving will result in changes to a child's life.