The Story of Pimai C Community

Pimai C Christian Caring Trust Community Based Organisation (CBO) is situated right alongside the Mozambique border, which is currently affected by unrest and violence. The Care Point is temporarily operated out of an old house on a health clinic’s property with very little space for the kids to play. Cultural norms create many challenges in the community of Pimai C. Early marriages are a big issue, with young girls getting married as early as 14 years old. Often families choose traditional treatment for common illnesses like malaria, rather than attending clinics. 


Children currently supported: 125

Number of Care Workers: 10

Coordinator Name: Moleen

Basic Services Started: 2016


Farai Gunhe, a man who had grown up in Pimai, saw the huge need around him and so in 2008, formed Pimai Christian Caring Trust, a Community Based Organisation (CBO) with the vision to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the community. In 2009, Farai left Pimai Christian Caring Trust to form the Hands at Work Mutare Service Centre and is now the Service Centre Coordinator. A local lady, Jane, became the coordinator of the Pimai Christian Caring Trust. The CBO has continued to grow and is now split into 3 separate CBOs: Pimai A, B, and C. Jane is currently the coordinator for all three CBOs. 

Drought has increased the vulnerability in the community in severe ways causing families to suffer from unemployment as many plantations have suffered from near-to-total crop failure. The lack of access to water and the rising costs of food are pushing many people to the brink of starvation. Thankfully, there are volunteer Care Workers who have big hearts to care for the most vulnerable children in Pimai. The Care Workers from Pimai A and B have been helping to develop the Care Workers in Pimai C, modelling what it means to care for each child. A ‘Maranatha Workshop’ will soon take place, which will also help the Care Workers to understand the love of Christ better and what it means to serve the most vulnerable.

Meet Wadzanai*

Eight-year-old Wadzanai’s* story is tragic, like many children in Pimai Community. Wadzanai’s mother had resorted to prostitution and abandoned the care of her young daughter. Her mother then passed away. Wadzanai now lives with her 86-year-old grandmother who struggles to grow a subsistence garden on her small plot of land. Adding to the struggle, two nephews who abuse drugs and alcohol also stay there. Bringing hope into this situation, however, is Care Worker, Kuda, who knows Wadzanai’ struggles and visits her regularly. 

The Hands at Work office in Mutare currently supports six Community Based Organisations, which exist to care for the most vulnerable in their communities. The office provides training, networking, and encouragement to those Community Based Organisations like Pimai C. It also gives administrative support, including helping with funding proposals, monitoring and evaluation, bookkeeping and reporting to donors.