Many volunteers ask about whether they will be sent out to serve in other African countries during their time here. Hands at Work reserves the right to make the final decision, based on the country situations as well as the applicant’s age, skills, abilities, personal qualities and preferences. When we receive the application for you to join us, we look through your application and discuss in what areas you could potentially be used, however none of this can be decided until we have actually met you and spent the orientation period with you. At any time, Hands at Work reserves the right to recommend that a participant return to their home country, if it is felt that the person is placing themselves or others at risk, or if it is felt that the person is unsuitable to reflect the Hands at Work core values.

Orientation is our chance to get to know each other and continually assess if we are the right place for you and if you’re right to work with us. During the orientation, and beyond, we will be in constant communication with you about how you can fill particular roles within the organisation, where and how you are serving and how you can be most effectively used.

Skilled Workers

Often, volunteers with particular skills like medicine or teaching ask us how they can be of use in the communities. We always say that a person’s skills and experiences can be invaluable to the work of Hands, and of course we would look to use skills and gifting to their maximum potential. However, we also ask that skilled workers come with an open heart and mind to serve wherever and in whatever way they are needed, which may well not be in their same field of expertise that they have trained in. It may also not be possible for you to practice your profession due to the countries’ governmental requirements.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact the volunteer coordinator at:

Meet Todd and Katie

A Canadian couple who servered with Hands at Work. Follow them as they served outside of South Africa and travelled to support the Hands at Work team in the Congo.

Hello, my name is Todd.

In a few days my wife, Katie, and I will find ourselves aboard a plane bound for Lubumbashi, a city near the area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where we will spend the majority of the next four months. Unfortunately, we must get off the plane halfway to our destination in Zambia where we will be meeting our Congolese comrades. If there is one thing we’ve learned since being in Africa, no plan should ever be assumed as final. So we had to make some adjustments. Before I get carried away with where we are going, I should talk about where we came from.

Katie and I had an interesting dating experience: I think if we counted the time we were in the same city, or even same country, our four years of dating could be consolidated into one. I spent time traveling playing music and she made three trips to Africa. I knew before I said, “I do” that I would one day, in the not-so-distant future, inevitably follow her here. We came to Hands at Work upon recommendation of a few friends who have spent time with the organisation.

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