40 Days of Prayer - Day 4

Day 4 – Early Childhood Marriage

 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. - Matthew 5:16

Many young girls are extremely vulnerable and susceptible to being given up for marriage as early as age 12. This reality is not only due to cultural practices but occurs when families are financially desperate. Pray for Godly men and woman to courageously speak on behalf of these young girls who are vulnerable. Ask God to give these men and women the wisdom and guidance needed to effectively care for and support the needs of the young girls who are traumatized and living in fear. 

40 Days of Prayer - Day 3

Day 3 – Clean and Accessible Water

The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst; I, the Lord, will answer them Myself, as the God of Israel I will not forsake them. – Isaiah 41:17

In Mozambique, access to clean and safe drinking water is limited. Pray for fresh and clean water sources to become available in communities where clean water is scarce. As people walk to fetch water, ask God to give safety and energy as they walk a long distance for this basic necessity. The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst; I, the Lord, will answer them Myself, as the God of Israel I will not forsake them. – Isaiah 41:17

Pray for Rainfall

Stand with us in prayer for rainfall in countries across Africa that are in desperate need. In many places in Zambia, the maize is becoming threatened because of a lack of rainfall. And in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, without rains in these coming days, the land that has been prepared, planted and ploughed in faith could be lost. It seems that the window is now very small. Urgently pray with us for rain. 

Prayer Requests - November 2017

“It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of the deer; He enables me to stand on the heights.” – Psalm 18:32-33


·      Praise God for the work that is happening in Mozambique and the Life Centre that is being constructed in Macadeira.

·      Praise God for the vegetable gardens that have been planted in our communities in Swaziland. These will be helpful in securing a food source for the children, Care Workers and Primary Caregivers.

·      Thank God for the Care Workers that are serving the children across our eight countries. Ask God to give them a renewed sense of passion and commitment as they serve in challenging situations.

·      Over the last year we have been able to increase the number of children under our care across many of our communities. Praise God for the generosity of our partners which enables us to extend the reach of our care.

·      Praise God for the homes that have been reconstructed over the last year.

·      In the middle of October there was a gathering of leaders from across Africa. Praise God for the way that He ministered and spoke deeply into the hearts of each of those attending.

·      Over the years, the Hands at Work family has travelled many miles to serve the most vulnerable. Praise God for his protection and faithfulness.

·      Pray for the Regional Support Teams in South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe as they plan and prepare for 2018.


Greetings for Christmas – may our brothers and sisters in Christ experience the joy and peace we have in celebrating the birth of our Saviour.

God’s blessing for a wonderful Christmas

Prayer Requests - September 2017

“He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry.” – Psalm 140:7


International Teams and Volunteers

·      Many of our international teams and volunteers share that they were blessed by the relationships built with the children and the ability to encourage and show Jesus’ love to them.

·      Pray for their time in Africa to not simply be a two-week experience. Ask God to continue to encourage, challenge and convict them once they return home. Pray for God to give them a passion for advocacy so that they will speak up for the most vulnerable children that they met.


Youth Camps

·  At Maranatha Workshops, the facilitators identify future youth leaders, who can help lead and support the other children. As the youth leaders spend time with the children they show an example of what Jesus’ love looks like.

·  Pray for these young leaders to be encouraged and inspired by their Care Workers and for them not to give into peer pressure.


Care Workers

·      Please pray for the Care Workers and the Primary Caregivers as they faithfully give of themselves to care for the children. Many children have been in situations where they have been abused and often the Care Workers are the first people to show the children the love of Jesus.

·      Pray for the health and protection of the Care Workers as they walk far distances to visit the children in their homes.


October Gathering

·      Hands leaders from several countries will travel to this gathering held in Zambia. Pray for God to give them safety.

·      Pray for wisdom and unity as they set goals and expectations for 2018. Pray for their time together to be a time of building closer and deeper relationships.