Letters from Africa July 2018

George Snyman speaks about Jesus being "the life". It is a theme from our Watchword, John 14:6

Many people will serve and love the poor and the most vulnerable, because they themselves are so broken. They can identify with these people. The problem with this is that they can’t bring hope and life, because they, themselves, are broken. And that’s one of the most wonderful things that I love about Hands at Work. The first time we do it, we do it in our own brokenness, because we can identify, but then, together, we find this love...
This one who came to knock on our doors, and for the first time, we can bring this hope.

Letters from Africa May 2018

George Snyman speaks about Jesus being "the truth". It is a theme from our Watchword, John 14:6

Joseph will write out on the blackboard. He will clean the classroom. He will prepare as if he is a teacher in

one of the most prestigious private schools. By the time that 50 or 60 poor children arrive at the school, Joseph will welcome them as if they are the most important people that he has ever seen.

Some days, Joseph’s neighbours will go to work in the fields, or they will go and harvest, but Joseph will faithfully go to the classroom, to prepare these children so that

they could attend a normal school.

Joseph could do this because he found the treasure of life.

Letters from Africa April 2018

George Snyman speaks about Jesus being "the way". It is a theme from our Watchword, John 14:6

Jesus said ‘I came to heal the broken-hearted, to comfort those who mourn. I came to bring the good news because my Father is the good news.’ 

What does that mean to us? What does it mean to us that that good news is now living in you and in me? What does it mean to us?

Letters from Africa November 2017

Part 4 - George Snyman speaks about "practicing hospitality". It is a theme from our Watchword, Romans 12:12-13.

Practicing hospitality according to the bible is risky business. We know that there is a risk in everything that is worthwhile but to invite a stranger is risky. And in fact it is as risky as it is when we start to trust or to love someone. The more you love someone, the more you show hospitality, the greater the risk.

Letters from Africa August 2017

George Snyman speaks about being "faithful in prayer". It is a theme from our Watchword, Romans 12:12-13.

We need people that know these children by name, that know these grandmothers. That believe in the power of prayer. That believe that prayer can change lives.

Friends, it doesn’t take much. It takes some of your time, some commitment. You can change the lives of thousands. This year, will you join me to be faithful in prayer for our children?

Letters from Africa July 2016

We met a young boy, about two years old, called Kapello. Kapello's mom died a month before I arrived at the village and he stayed with his grandmother. He was dying when i got there. Kapello's needs were a bridge to far for his grieving grandmother. The day I walked into that house with Eric, the Hands at Work leader in the DRC,  we started to fight for this little man's life...

Uniqueness (fearfully and wonderfully made)

by George Snyman



It is people discovering the names unknown; their stories are heard; they became part of a mysterious, scattered family across the globe; all equal and loved by the Father; and all in need of healing and acceptance.

This was exactly the dream and vision for Hands at Work right from the beginning that people will discover their uniqueness. The uniqueness of the mystery of being part of the beautiful body of Christ. The unique God who came as a servant to save us and now the unique opportunity that each and every one of us has to make a difference to others. You are part of a unique Hands family working in very unique places with very unique and amazing people. My question to you today is, ‘do you fully understand and live the truth that you were fearfully and wonderfully made?’ 

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Marks of Maturity

Marks of Maturity

What does Our Father want to do in us and in our churches in this time? We are caring for the most vulnerable children in the poorest villages, and God is using our ministry to shape our characters. As we reach out to the most vulnerable, God reaches out to us. He is interested in our character development – His heart is for us to grow to maturity! Maturity is developed through a renewed mind and tested faith.

Grateful for the Open Door

Grateful for the Open Door

To our global family,

Carolyn and I just celebrated 21 years since our Father called us to bring hope to the most vulnerable. Looking back one cannot help but to become completely overwhelmed with emotions… emotions of gratefulness! Through all the valleys and mountain tops we can say this morning, “Not once did we ever for one second regret our step of obedience to follow His call.” Today we look at what our Father is doing all around us and it humbles us to no end.

Love Bled to Death

Greetings to friends and family and to all the people that believe so much in what Hands at Work in Africa is doing. It’s such a privilege for me to speak to you shortly after our Easter celebrations, and I’m sure as you’ve spent quality time with thosethat you love, that you appreciated these moments as you saw people that you love dearly.


Diamonds in the Dust

“Diamonds in the dust.” It’s a beautiful phrase that we have been using in Hands at Work right from the beginning of our history. It started off when I stood at the rubbish dump, just staring at children scrounging for food. God gave me a beautiful promise - “you will find diamonds in the dust”

KONY 2012

Last week we saw an amazing video going viral within days across the globe.  Of course I am referring to the “Kony2012” video. Though I don’t know Invisible Children and can’t comment on them as an organisation,  I want to use the opportunity to communicate something that excited us about the video.