Canada Advocates Gathering

Day 1

Session 1: History and Call of Hands
George shares the history of Hands at Work and unpacks the DNA, call and worldview of Hands. He also reviews 12 foundational principles that guide everything we do.

Session 2: Africa Update
George gives an update from Africa that is narrative by nature as he recounts the story of Vumi. He uses this story to illustrate what is happening on a grassroots level in African communities and how it's trickling through the rest of Hands at Work.

Session 3: Responding to Hands in Canada (Part 1)
Lynn shares the challenges that exist within our culture in responding to God's call to discipleship, that our life is a seed to be sown, not fruit to be preserved. Katie Wells shares the story of a dear friend of Hands, Alissa Sanders, who lived her life radically in response to Jesus' call in her life.

Session 3: Responding to Hands in Canada (Part 2)
Lynn shares how Hands Canada is the result of many taking a seed back from Africa and planting and stewarding that unique call and DNA here and contextualizes the specific outworking of this. Kristal shares her story of how and why she came to commit her life to stewarding this seed within the context of Hands Canada.

Session 4: Church Partnerships
George shares his personal experience with rejection from churches, how it taught him to be humble, to submit to, love and serve the church. He emphasizes the importance of never compromising the message, but sharing it with gentleness and humility.

Session 5: Local Community
Kristal Hoff shares a passage in Luke about the parable of the sower. She talks about how each of us have tasted something while in Africa, and how we can take that seed and plant it back in our own communities. She then invites Katie Wells to share about how she has been faithfully planting this seed in Edmonton where she lives.

Day 2

Session 1: Christ the Foundation
George speaks about the 2 foundations found in Matthew 7:24-27, and which one we must build our lives on as Christ-followers.” He challenges us to identify the “sand” that is standing between us and the rock, preventing us from allowing Christ to be our foundation.

Session 2: Africa Update - The Model
George shares how the model is growing and developing. The dream of African leaders coming up through Hands is happening: “We are growing our own timber”. Maria from Mozambique decided that she would stay when everyone else ran away. Caring for the most vulnerable in Zambia over Easter – those children have amazed us with their stories! George also answers questions about Nigeria, Expansion, Zimbabwe, and Volunteers.

Session 3: Living Out the Care Worker Model in Canada
Lynn Chotowetz draws out our role as Canadians, as part of the Hands at Work model and shares about the Hands at Work model being birthed in Saskatoon. He talks about finding the most vulnerable in Saskatoon and challenging the church to listen for the pain of those around them, and how God has opened up the doors to this work.

Ken Berg shares about his experience leading a team and how that has lead him and others on his team to reaching out to the most vulnerable in Saskatoon.