Day 24 of Advent

About two thousand years ago, in the town of Nazareth, there lived a young woman named Mary. She was engaged to be married to Joseph, a carpenter.

One day an angel appeared before her and told her that the Holy Spirit would conceive in her a baby. God’s son and she must call him Jesus.

Soon after the angel's visit, Mary and Joseph were married. Mary was due to     have her baby when they were told they had to go on a Long journey to Bethlehem, which was where Joseph came from. This was because they had to pay a certain tax. Mary had to ride on a donkey for a few days over the hills of Galilee.

At last Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem. It was crowded with other people who needed to pay their taxes. Mary was very tired and needed a place to stay. At each inn, the story was the same. There was no room for them. Eventually, one kind innkeeper said he had a stable where he kept his animals. They were welcome to stay there.

And so it was that a few hours later, Mary gave birth to her son in that stable. She wrapped Jesus in strips of cloth and laid Him in a manger full of hay.

At the same time, on a hillside over Bethlehem, some shepherds were watching their sheep. A bright light appeared in the sky and they were very afraid. It was an angel who had been sent by God. The angel told them not to be afraid, because he had some good news. He said the Son of God had been born and they would find Him in Bethlehem.

The shepherds wanted to go and see the baby. When they arrived at the stable, they were filled with joy at seeing Jesus lying in the manger. They knelt down and worshipped Him. They told Mary and Joseph how the angel had appeared in the sky and told them that Jesus was to be the Saviour of the world.

Have a happy Christmas!