‘Hands at Work in Africa’ is based in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. We are located on the edge of the Masoyi Community, just outside of White River. The offices of Hands at Work are located on the same property as the Hands Village where our volunteers are accommodated.  Hands Village is a work in progress, becoming the South African base of Hands at Work, accommodating volunteers as well as staff.



Accommodation for the majority of visitors, volunteers and teams for Hands at Work is at the Hands Village.

Hands Village accommodation houses many of our international volunteers and staff. Included are shared rooms with access to communal amenities blocks, communal living and meeting areas and access to a self-catering kitchen. Linen and towels are provided for volunteers staying 3 months or less. Sleeping bags and tents are not necessary unless you want to travel to other places. Bathrooms are shared, with hot water available.

Community living can bring both blessings and challenges as you live in close proximity to others. It might be a little different than what you are used to, but see it as a character-forming part of your Hands journey. Individuals and groups from all over the world and of all ages come to visit Hands at Work for short to longer periods. You are sure to meet many interesting and inspiring people when you come! 



  • Drinking water available from tap. Water from the designated taps at Hands Village is safe to drink. We have many international volunteers coming through and have not had issues with individuals getting sick.
  • Shared bathrooms (separate male/female) with flush toilets and hot showers. 
  • Washer, dryer and clothes line available for laundry


Full kitchen available for all volunteers to use including: 

  • gas and electric stoves 
  • microwave
  • kettle for boiling water 
  • refrigerators and freezers
  • toaster
  • dishes and cutlery 
  • cupboards for dry storage
  • variety of pots and pans
  • coffee maker



Hands Village is surrounded by an electric fence. Village rooms are equip with secure locking doors and emergency buttons. We will review  with you all safety and security procedure and feature upon arrival at the Hands Village.